Requirements for the Major (42 semester hours)

Foundation Courses
All the following courses:
GLS-180 Understanding Global Relations  
GLS-200 The Social Construction of Global Society  
GLS-201 The Politics of the Global Economy  
POL/GLS-215 Global Politics  
One course from each track:
i. International Communications and Processes
COM/GLS-252 Intercultural Communication  
COM/GLS-352 Chinese and American Intercultural Communication  
COM/GLS-393 International Communication  
ENV/GLS-205 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems  
GLS-285 The Student Global Village  
POL/GLS-210 Public Opinion  
POL/GLS 272 International Law and Organizations  
POL/GLS-295 Model United Nations  
POL/GLS-307 Political Communication  
POL/GLS-368 International Organizations  
ii. Global Cultures and Global Society
GLS-310 Ethnographic Film  
GLS-325 Global Perspectives on Health and Illness  
HIS-314 History of Socialism  
HIS-321 The Ottoman Empire and the Balkans  
IND-210 Global Encounters  
MUS/GLS-308 World Music  
POL/GLS-306 Political Film  
POL/GLS-340 Modern Democracy and Its Critics  
iii. Critical Global Issues
GEO/GLS-113 Environmental Geology  
MAR/GLS-120 Oceanography  
POL/GLS-219 Terrorism, Revolution and Political Violence  
POL/GLS-225 Nationalism in World Politics  
POL/GLS-315 Global Issues  
POL/GLS-342 Freedom and Authority  
POL/GLS-365 Third World Politics  
POL/GLS-367 Politics of Exile, Asylum and Diaspora  
Language and Culture
Language culture courses include FRE-311, GER-310, LIT-330, SPA-310, SPA-311. All upper-level languages, or any foreign language prefix course at the 200-level or above are also credited towards the major after the other requirements are fulfilled. Also, any student who completes the introductory language sequence in one language and begins another language sequence can have the latter courses counted towards the major after the other requirements are fulfilled.
  Six courses selected from the tracks (Language and Culture highly recommended) 18
Highly Recommended with Instructor’s Approval
ECO/GLS-200 Principles of Macroeconomics  
ECO/GLS-201 Principles of Microeconomics  
FIN/GLS-308 International Finance  
Capstone Seminar Critical Issues* 3
*See Program Director

**Note: Study Abroad courses count as two elective (2) courses towards the major, besides fulfilling the Language or Culture requirement.
**Note: For qualified students, BHP courses may be substituted in consultation with the student’s Chairperson.