Requirements for the Minor (18 semester hours)

GND-200 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3
GND-400 Gender Studies Seminar 3
Four courses, at least two of which must have GND prefixes 12
BHP-320 Honors Seminar: Gender and Music  
CHI-307 Images of Women in Chinese Literature and Film  
ENG-230 Women in Literature  
GND-100 Introduction to Gender Studies  
GND-300 Feminist Literary Criticism  
GND-310 Special Topics  
GND-311 Gender and Communication  
GND-312 Gender, War and Peace  
GND-313 Gender and Ethics  
GND-333 Gender and Sport  
GND-350 Leadership and Community  
GND-490 Independent Research and Study  
GND-491 Internship in Gender and Sexuality Studies  
HIS-269 Women in Europe from Antiquity to the French Revolution  
HIS-309 Women in American History  
HIS-339 Women in East Asia  
LAW-304 Women and Law  
MCS-110 Race, Class and Gender in America  
MGT-320 Managing Workforce Diversity  
PHL-230 Philosophy of the Sexes  
POL-280 Sex and Politics  
PSY-218 Psychology of Women  
PSY-374 Psychology of the Family  
PSY-381 The Psychology of Gender  
SOC-205 Families  
SOC-312 Women in Society  
SOC-316 Feminist Social Thought