Faculty & Staff

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Shawn Kildea
Associate Professor and Chair of Communication and Journalism
FA 232

B.A., M.A., Rider University; Ph.D., Rutgers University

Dr. Kildea teaches courses primarily in studio and field production. He founded R.U.N., the Rider University Network that produces campus programming. Kildea's research interests include digitization of news. His doctoral thesis, A Comparative Analysis of the Student Use of the New York Times Print and Digital Formats, was successfully defended in 2009.

Headshot of Aaron Moore
Associate Professor of Journalism; Director of Internship Program
Fine Arts 227

B.A., LaSalle University; M.A., Ph.D., Temple

Headshot of Pamela Brown
Director of the MABC
Fine Arts 229

B.A., Rider; M.A., Ohio; Ph.D., Iowa

Dr. Brown, who has professional experience in journalism and public relations, teaches writing, reporting, public relations, law and ethics. Her research is on 20th-century journalism history, the African-American press, and the law of cyberspace.

David Dewberry
Associate Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 241
Bosah Ebo
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 216

B.S., M.A., Wisconsin; Ph.D., Iowa

Dr. Ebo teaches communication ethics, public relations and international communication. His research interests also include popular culture and media images of Africa. He edited the books Cyberghetto or Cybertopia: Race, Class and Gender on the Internet and Cyberimperialism: Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier.

Myra Gutin
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 233

B.A., M.A., Emerson; Ph.D., Michigan

An authority and author on the topic of American first ladies, Dr. Gutin is the author of The President’s Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century, and Barbara Bush: First Lady of Literacy. Widely quoted in national and international news media, her research interests also include political communication and women in politics. Dr. Gutin teaches in the business and professional speech and interpersonal communication tracks.

Sheena Howard
Associate Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 222
Jackie Incollingo
Assistant Professor I of Communication
Fine Arts 226
Barry Janes
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 220

B.A., M.A., Rutgers; Ph.D., New York University

Dr. Janes works and teaches electronic media theory, programming and technology. He has been a producer, director and/or writer of more than 100 video productions, and has advised numerous corporations, non-profit organizations and municipalities. Dr. Janes’ research interests include Broadcast Programming and History, and, most recently, the effective use of computer-based asynchronous technologies in the classroom.

E. Graham McKinley
Professor of Journalism
Fine Arts 235

B.A., Yale; M.M., Westminster Choir College; Ph.D., Rutgers

A journalist since 1981 who continues to work professionally part time, Dr. McKinley teaches writing, graphic design, and multimedia. Her research focuses on television and identity formation and the social construction of the news. She is author of the book “Beverly Hills 90210”: Television, Gender, and Identity and has completed a study of “Dawson’s Creek.” She is also a part-time musician.

Thomas Simonet
Professor of Journalism
Fine Arts 237

B.A., Georgetown; M.S., Columbia; Ph.D., Temple

Dr. Simonet teaches writing, editing, photography and history of documentary film. His research interests include the social construction of the news. A part-time metro editor for The Times of Trenton for many years, Dr. Simonet has worked at several other daily and weekly newspapers, including serving 10 years as a movie critic.

Minmin Wang
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 228

B.A., Xian Foreign Languages University; M.A., Ph.D., Bowling Green

Dr. Wang teaches communication theory, as well as intercultural, interpersonal and speech communication. A researcher in various aspects of multicultural and intercultural communication, she has studied communication and modernization in contemporary China, and Chinese national identity formation.

Allison Weidhaas
Assistant Professor I
Fine Arts 225
Nancy Wiencek
Assistant Professor II
Fine Arts 236
Yun Xia
Professor of Communication
Fine Arts 238

B.A., M.A., Sichuan University; Ph.D., Southern Illinois

Dr. Xia is our resident multimedia specialist with expertise in the area of graphic communication in print and digital media. His research focuses on computer-mediated communication, semiotic analysis of the Internet, and human-computer interface design.

Scott Alboum
Video Technologies Coordinator
Fine Arts 245

B.S.C., M.F.A. University of Miami

Mr. Alboum serves as the video technologies coordinator and the advisor to R.U.N., the Rider University Network. He primarily teaches courses in television production and digital composting. Alboum is the founder and Chairman of the Passaic County Student Film and Video Festival. He also is serving on the Scholarship Jury. His production interests include documentary and narrative film production.

Jessi Oliano
Special Projects, MABC and CHS
Fine Arts 214
Juanita Carroll
Administrative Associate
Fine Arts 232