Program Details for the Washington Semester Program

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Academic Seminar
The seminar (8 credits) is connected to the internship component of the curriculum. The seminar is taught by an AU Professor, is capped at 25 students per section, and is delivered based on a blend of intellectual and real-world discussions with professionals working in the field of study. Requirements to complete the seminar typically consist of a midterm and final exam as well as the completion of a paper/project based on the internship.

Washington DC Internship 
The internship (4 credits) provides students with professional experience working in organizations relevant to their selected program. Students are not placed in internships but rather given access and support for finding opportunities in D.C. This includes giving students access to an online database of internship opportunities six weeks prior to the start of the semester, individual contact information for each organization in the database, and assistance with interviewing and resume/cover letter writing. The internship would not be paid and it is the responsibility of students to secure an internship in an organization. Typically students would spend 16 hours a week in their internships. AU guarantees placement for all students in an internship as part of WSP.

Research Elective/Optional Course 
The elective and/or research course (3 or 4 courses) provides Rider students with the option to take an AU course, or do in-depth research project while in Washington D.C. Final evaluation of independent research projects will be done by Rider faculty, through the RU/WSP liaison, who will read Rider students’ WSP research projects in order to award them a grade that supplants the grade given on the transcript.