What to Bring?

1. Delegate Preparation handbook
2. your committee's NMUN brochure and update
3. the United Nations Charter; Universal Declaration of Human Rights
4. printouts of relevant committe documents
5. preparatory notes for work in your committee, including relevant resolutions or parts thereof
6. writing and typing paper (about 50 sheets)
7. 3x5 cards (1 deck) with some rubber bands
8. pens in working order; pencils, pocket stapler, small scissors, scotch tape, paper clips

**(Avoid overpacking) **
1. Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving needs, hair care needs, deodorant, mouthwash, pocket tissues. Avoid strong scents.
2. First aid; medicines for headaches, colds, upset stomach, diarrhea; any prescriptions you are taking in pharmacy-issued containers; prophylactics.
3. Clothing:
o 5 sets each of the following: shirts/blouses, underwear, socks/stockings;
o 1 or 2 suits or suit jackets; ties for guys;
o all-weather raincoat or heavy jacket (against possible cold weather, wind, and rain);
o plastic bag for dirty clothes.
4. A good watch.
5. A 3.5" formatted data disk with your pre-typed committee work on it.
6. Cash ($50 in small bills); a credit card; a phone card; quarters and dimes to make phone calls from the hallways or lobby.
7. Your favorite snacks; peanut butter, crackers; etc. Avoid noisy snacks.

Textbooks, class notebooks (you will have no time to study); valuables; weapons; alcoholic beverages; drugs; other contraband.

Dress Code

Western business dress is preferred. International delegates in whose native countries traditional cultural dress is appropriate may dress in "professional business dress". These delegates are the only individuals to whom this applies. Any delegate attempting to use cultural costume to portray a "character" will be asked to leave the committee chamber and change into clothing that is more appropriate. The NMUN will not tolerate any delegate's attempt to mock traditional cultural attire or abuse it as costume. Typically, delegates wear business suits to the Opening and Closing Ceremony and to all committee sessions. All clothing must adhere to guidelines that portray professionalism and modesty. If a delegate's attire is deemed inappropriate by the NMUN staff the delegate will be asked to leave the session and return with the appropriate attire. Also, note that it is inappropriate for delegates to display any national symbols such as flags, pins, crests, etc. on their person during committee sessions. UN symbols are acceptable, however.

Dress Code Guidelines
Women: Standard female delegate attire for the conference is business jacket, skirt or slacks, button blouse, and dress shoes.
(Shirts that expose excessive bare skin on the chest, stomach or are otherwise revealing are inappropriate. Clothes that reveal undergarments are inappropriate.)
Men: Standard male delegate attire for the conference is business jacket, slacks, button down shirt with tie and dress shoes. Facial hair should be shaved or trimmed neatly.
(Dress sweaters are generally considered too casual, as well as shorts, ball caps, jeans, sneakers and sunglasses.)

Rules of Conduct

1. When in New York, delegates must follow instructions given by the delegation leaders, or their designated deputies, who alone may act on behalf of the delegation and in the name of the Faculty Adviser.
2. No rendezvous or visits of a personal nature should be planned or made during the NMUN conference.
3. Delegates are not to leave the hotel without notifying one of the delegation leaders of the purpose and length of your absence. Delegates are expected to stay at the hotel from Sunday until Thursday evening.
4. Delegates are not to leave the hotel's premises alone at any time. Always travel in groups, Women must be accompanied by male delegates.
5. Rider University will not pay for long-distance phone calls, movies, in-room meal service, or any other personal charge. Avoid running up such charges, which will complicate the checking-out process.
6. Conference identification badge and placard:
a. Always wear your badge in the conference areas.
b. Always take with you your (voting) placard when you leave a conference room.
c. Do not allow another delegation to vote on your behalf.
d. Never vote with another delegation's placard.
Violation of any of these rules will mean an automatic failing grade in POL 295.
7. Delegates should behave at all times in such a manner as not to damage the image of the delegation or Rider University.
8. Do NOT take anything from the United Nations, the hotel, or any other establishment for souvenir. Avoid damaging any property. Rider University will not assume any responsibility for damages caused by you in any way.
9. GRADING will reflect the following criteria:
a. Performance in committee, as gathered through visits by delegation leaders, by faculty adviser(s), by communications with teammates, by comments, unsolicited or otherwise, from other delegations or conference officials.
b. Cooperativeness and team spirit toward teammates. Anti-social behavior will negatively affect your grade.

Contact the team adviser, or in his absence the chairperson of the Political Science Department, or responsible party designated by the team adviser.