Requirements for the Minor (21 semester hours)

Choose at least one from each group, no more than two from Technical Aspects. You must take a minimum of FOUR FMS-designated courses from among those listed in groups 2, 3, and 4. 21
I. Foundation Course (required)
FMS-284 Language of Film Analysis  

II. Film Theory and Aesthetic Courses (choose at least one)

FMS-260 Great Performances in Film  
FMS-300 Special Topics (depending on the topic this course may count as a group II or a group III course; TBD as courses are offered)  
FMS-342 Artists of the Cinema  
FMS-381 Studies in Film Genre  
FMS-382 Comparative Film Directors  
FMS-384 Film Adaptation  
FMS-484 Seminar in Cinema Studies  
AMS-214* Special Topics: The Films of Stanley Kubrick (P.O.D.)  
AMS-214* Special Topics: New York Directors--Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, and Spike Lee (P.O.D.)  
AMS-214* Special Topics: Steven Spielberg in America (P.O.D.)  
AMS-215* Alfred Hitchcock in America  
MUS-309 Film Music  

III. Film History, Media, and Culture Courses (choose at least one)

FMS-250 Global Film History: Origins-1960  
FMS-251 Global Film History: 1961-Present  
FMS-252 American Film History: Origins-1960  
FMS-253 American Film History: 1961-Present  
FMS-340 Film and Media Audiences  
FMS-383 Global Cinemas  
COM-291 Documentary Film  
COM-328 Sitcoms in American Culture  
FRE-422 Cultural Expression in French Film and Television (prerequisite: FRE 201, placement test at 300-level or above, or FRE 300 or above)  
GLS-306 Ethnographic Film  
GER-307 German Literature and Film (prerequisite: GER 201, placement test at 300-level or above, or GER 300 or above)  
LAW-204 Law, Literature and Film in America  
LAW-395* Women Lawyers in Film (P.O.D.)  
LAW-405 Crime and Justice in the Media  
LIT-322 German Literature and Film in English Translation  
POL-306 Political Film  
PSY-375 Psychology and Film  
SOC-252 Media, Culture, and Society  
SPA-412 Hispanic Theater and Film (prerequisite: SPA 201, placement test at 300-level or above, or SPA 300 or above) SPA-426  
SPA-426 Latin American/Latino Film and Fiction (prerequisite: SPA 201, placement test at 300-level or above, or SPA 300 or above)  

IV. Technical Aspects Courses (choose at least one)

FMS-286 Writing Short Screenplays for the Digital Cinema  
COM-131 Fundamentals of Video Production  
COM-331 Television Production (prerequisite COM 131 or COM 230)  
COM-234 Audio Production  
COM-235 Digital Filmmaking  
ENG-312 Creative Writing: Screen Writing  
THE-200 Acting for the Camera (prerequisite: THE-107)  

Junior and Senior FMS minors also may take:
FMS 490 Independent Research and Study
FMS 491 Internship in Film and Media Studies

FMS 490 and 491 will fulfill requirements in the category designated as appropriate by the FMS Director and Steering Committee; both courses require Permission of Director.

Students must complete a minimum of FIVE (5) of the seven Film and Media Studies Program courses uniquely counted toward the 21-credit minor. In other words, no more than TWO courses counting toward the 21-credit FMS minor can be used toward major or minor requirements in other areas, whether in English, Communication, American Studies, Law, Foreign Languages and Literature, etc.

Special Topics courses (*) outside FMS offerings can be taken for credit only with permission of the Film and Media Studies Program Director.

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