Mathematics Education

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Preparation to teach Mathematics is accomplished through a double major program requiring completion of the requirements of the major, general studies, and professional education major requirements.

General Studies and Academic Major (96-99 semester hours)

PSY-100 Introduction to Psychology 3
COM-104 Speech Communication 3
  Developmental Psychology elective 3
  English Writing 6-9
  Social Science elective 3
  History elective  
  Fine Arts elective  
  Literature elective  
  Philosophy elective 3
  Technology elective 3


General Studies electives



Freshman Seminar (1 Supplemental Education Unit)


Requirements for Mathematics Major (50 Semester Hours)

Professional Education Requirements (30 Semester Hours)

Foundation professional courses with associated field experiences:
EDU-106 Contexts of Schooling 3
EDU-206 Developmental Education Psychology 3
Methodology curriculum and instruction courses with associated field experiences:
SED-370 Teaching in the High School 3


Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School 3


Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools 3


Content Area Reading & Writing 3

Capstone professional semester including full-time student teaching:


Student Teaching & Seminar 12

The Integrated Sciences and Math (ISM) major (formally the Integrated Sciences major) is designed primarily as a second major for students in the School of Education interested in teaching science or math at the middle school level.