Program Highlights

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Rider University highlights include the following:

  • Rider University is consistently named in the top tier of the U.S. News & World Report and is included in the Princeton Review's Best Colleges.
  • Rider University affords students a private graduate school education at a public school cost.
  • Rider University is conveniently located in central New Jersey, approximately one hour from New York City and Philadelphia. The university is also located near public transportation that provides easy access to other major cities, such as Boston and Washington, D.C.

The School Psychology Program and its faculty are noteworthy in several respects:

  • Rider University's School Psychology Program is one of only four five specialist level programs in the state of New Jersey with full NASP accreditation.
  • The Program trains students from both traditional and contemporary perspectives, which makes graduates attractive to school districts.
  • Rider University's School Psychology Program prepares students well for advanced training in doctoral programs in school psychology and related fields.
  • Students enrolled in Rider University's School Psychology Program take classes with faculty who are active researchers. Students read articles and books on course topics written by program faculty. This is rare because most active researchers do not teach.
  • School Psychology Program faculty are shaping theory and practice within the field through authoring books and publishing in top-tier medical, psychological and educational journals including School Psychology Quarterly, the Journal of School Psychology,  the Journal of Applied School Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Birth Defects Research: Clinical & Molecular Teratology, the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, Child Abuse Review, the Roeper Review, the Educational Forum, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice,  the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, the Canadian Journal of School Psychology and Remedial and Special Education. Program faculty also present regularly at national/international and regional professional conferences.
  • The scholarly activity of School Psychology Program faculty has received recognition from leading authorities in medicine, public health, psychology, and law including the following: the U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and the Director of the CDC's Birth Defects Division; the Head of the National Institute of Health; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and several American Psychological Association Presidents.
  • The state of Michigan considered aspects of a learning disabilities classification model proposed by a School Psychology Program faculty member.
  • The state of California’s Health and Human Services agency extolled the merits of a parent-training approach for children developed by a Rider University School Psychology Program faculty member.
  • Within its August 2010 report to Congress, the United States Department of Justice listed an article written by School Psychology Program faculty members as one of 28 major sources of information that is useful for helping to prevent child exploitation.
  • The Florida Department of Education cited an article written by a Program faculty member within a handbook for all teachers, administrators and school personnel in that state.
  • Several articles on the topic of online threats, learning disabilities classification, testing standards, and IQ assessment have been excerpted by numerous educational, forensic and psychological websites throughout the country and world.
  • Finally, in addition to their professional accomplishments, Rider University School Psychology Program faculty remain active in the field as practitioners, conducting evaluations, consulting with teachers and school districts, and offering parent trainings.

The School Psychology Program at Rider University is also proud of the accomplishments of recent graduates, including the following:

  • In 2008/09, a Rider University School Psychology Program graduate, John Lestino , was presented with the National School Psychologist of the Year award for his innovative approach to the practice of school psychology. This is quite an honor as the award is only bestowed upon one school psychologist annually from throughout the 50 states.
  • In 2008, Rider University School Psychology Program graduate Mukta Daga returned home to India where she became a founding member of the first Indian School Psychology Association.  At present, the field of school psychology in India is in its infancy and Daga is at the forefront of bringing innovative educational practices into the country.
  • In 2011, Thea  Richardson graduated from the Rider University School Psychology Program. Thea is from the Caribbean Island of Anguilla. Upon graduation, she returned to Anguilla and became the FIRST school psychologist on that island.
  • Several other recent graduates of the School Psychology Program at Rider University have gone on to enroll in doctoral programs in school psychology, neuropsychology and allied fields. These graduates are making an impact on the field through advanced study, research, publications, and presentations at the national level.
  • Other School Psychology Program graduates have spread the Rider University name throughout the country. Several have taken positions in Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Nevada, California, Florida, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Canada. Recent students also hail from the states of Indiana, Montana, Virginia, Maryland, and upstate New York, among others.
  • Over the past 5 years, nearly 100% of Rider University School Psychology Program graduates have passed the national examination in school psychology.
  • Most graduates of Rider University's School Psychology Program become employed in the field before or shortly after graduation, even in the current economy.
  • Other students and graduates of Rider University's School Psychology program hold doctorates in neuropsychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, educational psychology and counseling psychology. These students have sought to attain additional certification to practice psychology in the schools and chose Rider University to undertake their study.