Meet Rider’s School Psychology Ambassadors

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When you’re choosing a graduate program, we think it’s important to hear about it from a student’s perspective. Our Ambassadors can answer your questions about Rider, the application process, admission process and the curriculum. And they also can share their own personal experiences about life as a graduate student at Rider.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Brianna Prego

Hometown:  Edison, NJ
[email protected]

“Nearly all my life, I knew I wanted a career in education, and school psychology was the perfect fit for me. At Rider, I have the opportunity to have a practicum each semester that allows me to take the theory I learn in the classroom and apply it to the field to test my skills and learn from my experiences. That is something I really value as an integral part of my education here.

I’m excited to be able to share my passion and give an insider’s view of Rider’s school psychology program and the University to other prospective graduate students.”