Public Relations for Adult Students

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The Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations helps students understand the theories behind effective public communication. Students learn all facets of practical campaigns, learning from professionals in the field as well as their professors. In the capstone course, students work with local corporate or nonprofit clients. Our distinguished faculty from the Department of Communication and Journalism have extensive experience in their fields of expertise; and they aim to make every student who becomes part of Rider's learning community understand the power of communication and journalism — and how to use them to their fullest potential. 

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Basic Core (12 semester hours)

Rider Course Title Rider Course Number Credits
Expository Writing CMP-120 3
Research Writing CMP-125 3
Math MTH-102, MSD-105, MSD-200, MSD-201, POL-230 or PSY-201 3
Information Systems Essentials CIS-185 3

Areas of Knowledge (33-35 semester hours)

No communication courses permitted

Areas of Knowledge Credits
The Historical Perspective 9
The Artistic and Intellectual Perspective 9
The Contemporary Perspective 9
The Natural World 6-8

See Bachelor Arts (B.A.) in Liberal Studies section for a description of each perspective.

Communication and Journalism Core (24 semester hours)

Rider Course Title Rider Course Number Credits
Speech Communication COM-104 3
Communication, Culture and Media COM-105 3
Writing for the Media COM-107 3
Fundamentals of Video Production COM-131 3
Introduction to Media Convergence COM 264 3
Communication Law COM-301 3
Communication Ethics COM-302 3
Senior Seminar in Communicationn COM-400 3

Public Relations Major (18 semester hours)

Rider Course Title Rider Course Number Credits
Advanced Speech Communication COM-204 3
Publication Design COM-212 3
Public Relations COM-240 3
Feature Writing COM-316 3
Publicity Methods in Organizations COM-341 3
Cases and Campaigns in Public Relations COM-440 3
Two courses of the following COM-106, COM-205, COM-211, COM-215, COM-253, COM-261, COM-347, COM-360, COM-393, MKT 200, or ADV-300 6

Free Electives (25-27 semester hours)

Free elective credits may be taken in any department (except education) within the University, subject to the program 30 credits from outside the liberal arts and sciences. Students may consider taking courses toward a minor program to fulfill the free electives requirement.

NOTE: If a student receives a grade lower than “C” in a course required in the journalism/public relations major or minor, the student must repeat the course. The student must also repeat the course before enrolling in any course for which it is a prerequisite.

A candidate for graduation must complete a minimum of 120 credits. Of the required 120 credits, 36 credits must be in upper-level courses, as determined by the respective departments, including 18 credits in the public relation major. A maximum of 30 credits outside the arts and sciences may be presented for graduation.