Medical School Prerequisites

The following are the basic science course prerequisites for applicants to all U.S. medical colleges. Students should be aware that individual medical schools may have additional science and non-science course requirements. In addition, dental and veterinary programs vary widely in their science course prerequisites. Therefore, students are responsible for fulfilling requirements of programs to which they will apply.

BIO115 Principles of Biology I with Lab 4 credits
BIO117 Principles of Biology II with Lab 4 credits
BIO225 Genetics with Lab 4 credits
CHE120 Principles of Chemistry (General Chemistry I) 3 credits
CHE121 Principles of Chemistry Lab 1 credit
CHE122 Intro. To Chemical Systems (General Chemistry II) 3 credits
CHE123 Quantitative Methods Lab 1 credit
CHE211 Organic Chemistry I with Lab 4 credits
CHE214 Organic Chemistry II with Lab 4 credits
PHY100 Principles of Physics I with Lab 4 credits
PHY101 Principles of Physics II with Lab 4 credits
BCH330 Biochemistry (1 credit Lab optional) 3 credits

For advice on course selection, contact the Chair of the Premedical, Predental and Preveterinary Studies Committee:
Bryan Spiegelberg, Ph.D
Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics
[email protected]