Late Start Classes

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Late Start • Fall 2019 Late Start Classes
Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 – Friday, December 13th, 2019

Designed to help students catch up by earning extra credits toward their degrees. Boost your GPA, catch up on a dropped or withdrawn course, or get ahead and lighten future semesters. Students should consult with their advisors to be sure classes work within their program.

Available Late Start Fall classes

The courses offered are available ONLINE.

CRN Course Section Title Faculty/Staff
11631 COM 105 OL1 Communication, Culture and Media TBD
11270 HIS 150 OL1 World History to 1500 TBD
11947 MGT 375 OL1 International Management Joy A. Schneer
12190 MSD 105 OL1 Quantitative Methods of Business TBD
12255 POL 100 OL1 Intro to American Politics TBD
10438 PSY 100 OL1 Intro to Psychology  TBD
11633 PSY 283 OL1 Sport Psychology TBD

Students should consult with Financial Aid or the Bursar to determine any implications to their account.

Academic Calendar

7-Week Late Start 
Wednesday, October 23rd – Friday, December 13th

Add – Drop Period
Wednesday, October 23rd – Friday, October 25th
Drop: Wednesday, October 23rd – Tuesday, October 29th

Withdrawal Period
Withdrawal I
[student discretion]: Wednesday, October 30th - Thursday, November 26th
Withdrawal II [instructor's consent]Wednesday, November 27th – Thursday, December 5th
Withdrawal III [physiological/psychological reasons]: Friday, December 6th - Monday, December 9th

Last Day of Class
Thursday, December 12th

Friday, December 13th