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JTerm registration starts Monday, October 16

Current Undergraduate Students

Enrolled full-time or part-time students:

  • Consult with your advisor prior to course selection.

  • CCS students do not need to be greenlighted.  All other students will need to be greenlighted.
  • CCS Students – may register through the myRider portal or in person at the College of Continuing Studies office [BLC, Suite 31] or request registration through email at

  • Non-CCS/Full-time students (once greenlighted) – may register online through the MyRider portal or in person at the Registrar's office, Fine Arts Room 117 (Lawrenceville) or the Assistant Registrar’s office in Williamson Hall (WCC).

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Full-time and part-time degree-seeking or non-matriculated (personal goal) students:

  • Contact the Office of Admission at 609-896-5042.

  • Apply online at  (complete the College of Continuing Studies application form if you plan to be a part-time student).

  • Non-matriculated students may also apply and register by downloading [pdf] and completing a College of Continuing Studies application.

  • Students will be registered once the application has been processed.

Previous Rider Students

Students who last enrolled in spring 2015 or (earlier):

  • Complete a re-admit/re-enroll form. Re-admit/re-enroll forms are available through the College of Continuing Studies office [Bart Luedeke Center/Suite 100 ground floor] 609-896-5033 or download it here.

  • Submit re-admit/re-enroll form by fax to 609-896-5261 or by email to (as a pdf).

  • Register through the College of Continuing Studies office once the application is approved.

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Students in good academic standing attending another institution may apply and register.

  • Request approval of transfer course selection from your institution.

  • Complete the Visiting Student Application Form (.pdf)

  • Send application and unofficial transcripts of your institution:

    • as pdf to or 
    • fax to (609) 896-5261, or
    • mail to Rider's mailing address. (shown at the bottom of this Web site)
  • If last enrolled at Rider in Spring 2015 or later, register through myRider at

  • Upon completion of course(s), you may request an official Rider transcript through the Registrar’s office at