Internship Information

To complete MKT-491, Internship Based Independent Study, students must complete the following guidelines set by the department and complete the Internship Proposal Application.

Marketing Department
MKT-491 Internship-Based Independent Study

  1. Objectives

    1. To provide students with an experiential learning opportunity which includes, wherever possible, the application of classroom-based knowledge.
    2. To provide students with information to assist in the choice of a career and, in some cases, facilitate contacts leading to possible employment opportunities.
  2. Qualifications of Student Participants

    1. Class standing: the student must have completed 84 semester hours to qualify for participation in the internship course.
    2. Major: the student must have marketing as his/her major.
    3. Cumulative grade point average: the student should have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in all work completed or a 3.0 in all courses taken in the Marketing department.
    4. Courses taken: the student must have taken at least three (3) courses in the Marketing department or secure permission of the Marketing department chairperson.
  3. Procedures for Obtaining an Internship

    Students may obtain credit-bearing internships in either of two ways:

    1. An internship opportunity known to the student may be brought to the attention of a marketing faculty member for possible approval and sponsorship; or
    2. The student may interview for an internship opportunity publicized by the Marketing Department (or a marketing faculty member). The Department, of course, cannot guarantee that a student who interviews with an organization for an internship position will be accepted for that position.
  4. Approval Process

    Students desiring to participate in the Marketing Department’s Internship-based Independent study course must submit a proposal in accordance with departmental guidelines. The sponsoring faculty member and the department chairperson are responsible for approving the proposed internship as consistent with CBA and Marketing department guidelines. Approval of the CBA dean (or his/her designate) is also required.

  5. Academic Credit and Student Responsibilities.

    1. For academic credit to be awarded, the student must be employed for a minimum of one hundred (100) hours during the term of the internship. A maximum of three (3) credits will be awarded for an internship and can be counted only toward business elective or free elective requirements. Internship credit may not be counted toward the major. This internship may not be taken simultaneously with one in another department.
    2. Requirements: the student will be required to submit the following:
      1. a journal, including a log of daily activities
      2. one or both of the following:
        1. a project, either completed as the intern or based on knowledge gained as an intern; or
        2. a paper based on knowledge gained as an intern.
    3. Standards of Conduct and Performance
      The student intern represents not only him/herself, but also Rider University and the Marketing Department. High standards of conduct and job performance are expected at all times. If, in the judgment of the faculty sponsor, the student’s overall conduct or job performance is inappropriate or inadequate, he/she will be removed from the position and will receive a failing grade for the course.
  6. Evaluation

    The student intern will be evaluated on the basis of the following:

    1. All written work submitted to the faculty sponsor (V. B. above), as well as information gleaned by the sponsor from oral reports, observation, etc.
    2. A written report from the student intern’s supervisor, which evaluates the intern’s performance on the job.
  7. Future Employment

    The host firm may make an offer of employment upon graduation. However, this is not a condition of the firm’s participation in the internship program, nor is the student under any obligation to accept such an offer if it is made.