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Management and Leadership Major (18 semester hours)

MGT-355 Team Management 3
MGT-363 Management Skills 3
Plus four of the following courses
ENT 348 Small Business Management 3
ENT 448 Small Business Consulting 3
MGT-310 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
MGT-320 Managing Workforce Diversity 3
MGT-336 Career Management 3
MGT-346 Negotiation 3
MGT-375 International Management 3
MGT-421 Selected Topics in Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MGT-490 Independent Research Study 3

An average grade of “C “or better is required in the 18 semester credit hours that are required for the management and leadership major. Majors are encouraged to take MGT-491 Internship in Management and Leadership as a business or free elective.

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