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Available to all nonbusiness majors.

Information Systems Minor (12 semester hours)

CIS-185 Information Systems Essentials (required) 3
CIS-200 Web Application Development I 3
CIS-220 Web Application Development II 3
CIS-255 Intro to Game Design & Development 3
CIS-260 Business Graphics 3
CIS-270 Networks and Telecommunications 3
CIS-300 Object-Oriented Programming 3
CIS-309 Data Structures and Computer Architecture 3
CIS-315 Integrated Business with SAP 3
CIS-319 Computer Forensics 3
CIS-320 Systems Administration 3
CIS-325 User-Centered Design 3
CIS-330 Database Management 3
CIS-340 Electronic Commerce 3
CIS-350 Practical Analytics with EXCEL 3
CIS-360 Data Mining 3
CIS-370 Systems Analysis and Design Project 3
CIS-375 Advanced Seminar in Global Outsourcing 3
CIS-390 Project Management 3
CIS-410 Selected Topics 3
CIS-420 Enterprise Security 3
CIS-430 Enterprise Integration 3

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