Health Administration

Health care is the fastest growing industry in the country, and comprises over one-tenth of all economic activity in the United States. By many estimates, health expenditures will continue to increase in the coming years, creating even more job opportunities in health administration. In this dynamic industry, new, young leaders will be needed to adjust to the constant technological, financial, managerial, and demographic changes. The Rider faculty is committed to preparing students for a wide variety of managerial positions in the many industries, which comprise the health care sector.

The Health Administration minor recognizes the diversity of skills required in the health-care sector, and allows students from a variety of majors to minor in health care administration.

Majors particularly well-suited to health administration are:

  • Sciences (biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biopsychology, psychology)
  • Social sciences (economics, sociology, social work, political science)
  • Business (marketing, management, business administration, human resources management, business economics, finance, management sciences and information systems).

Our classes include a diversity of student majors, which allows science, social science, and business students to interact and learn alternative points of view. The health administration minor, combined with other initiatives of the integrated science and business curriculum at Rider, place our graduates at a strong advantage in the employment marketplace.

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