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Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is one of the most important areas in business today. A degree in GSCM prepares students for a diverse and interdependent world through both classroom instruction and world experiences. Rider’s GSCM major features an integrated global supply chain and business management approach, combined with actual internship and/or co-op positions in private industry.

Core Requirements for the Major
GSC-235 Supply Chain Management: External Focus 3
GSC-345 Customer Focus 3
GSC-355 Supply Chain Management: Internal Focus 3
GSC-445 Supply Chain Strategy and Design 3
Major Electives
Select two of the following:
CIS-200 Introduction to Programming  
CIS-309 Data Structures and Computer Architecture  
CIS - 315 Integrated Business with SAP  
CIS-330 Database Management Systems  
CIS-340 Electronic Commerce  
CIS-360 Data Mining  
CIS/GSC-375 Advanced Seminar in Global Outsourcing  
ECO-305 International Trade and Investment  
ENT-375 International Entrepreneurship  
FIN-308 International Finance  
MGT-375 International Management  
MKT-310 Business to Business Marketing  
MKT-330 International Marketing  
MKT-340 Personal Selling  
MKT-250 Retailing Management  
MKT-440 Sales Management  
International Business Elective
Select one of the following:
ECO-305 International Trade and Investment  
ENT-375 Internal Entrepreneurship  
FIN-308 International Finance  
GSC-315 Short Term Study Abroad  
MGT-375 International Management  
MKT-330 International Marketing  
Business Core Requirement 
GSC-385  Information Systems for Global Supply Chain Management* 3
Business Elective Requirements  
GSC-115 Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management 3
GSC-399 Global Supply Chain Management Co-op** 6

*Students majoring in Global Supply Chain Management may not take CIS-385 Management Information Systems.

**Students majoring in Global Supply Chain Management are required to take a 6-credit co-op OR a 3-credit internship and a 3-credit business elective.

Students must achieve at least at least a “C” in each of the major courses, and a minimum GPA of 2.0 overall (i.e. for all courses taken).

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