Business Subjects - Core Curriculum - CBA Undergraduate Degrees (51 semester hours)

ACC-210 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACC-220 Managerial Uses of Accounting 3
FIN-300 Introduction to Finance 3
MGT-201 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MKT-200 Marketing Principles 3
MSD-340 Production and Operations 3
BUS-300 Social and Legal Environment of Business 3
CIS-485 Management Information Systems 3
BUS-400 Strategic Management and Policy 3
  + Major Requirements 18*
  + Electives 6

*Accounting majors take eight major courses and one business elective. Information Systems majors taken seven major courses. Global Supply Chain Management majors take seven major courses in addition to GSC-115 and GSC-399 as business electives.

†Must include one international business elective, if not taken as part of major.

#Students can take GSC-485 to satisfy this requirement.