Communications (9 credits)

CMP-120 Expository Writing 3
CMP-125 Research Writing 3
COM-290 Professional and Strategic Speech 3


Numerical Literacy (9 credits)

MSD-105 Quantitative Methods for Business 3
MSD-200 Statistical Methods I 3
MSD-201 Statistical Methods II 3

Liberal Arts (15 credits)

Humanities Elective (3 credits)
Selected from the following subject areas: English, Literature, Fine Arts (Art, Dance, Music, Theater), Languages, Literatures & Cultures (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish), Philosophy

Natural Science Elective (3 credits)
Selected from the following subject areas: Behavioral Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geosciences, Marine Sciences, Physics

Social Science Elective (3 credits)
Selected from the following subject areas: American Studies, Communication, Gender Studies, History, Law and Justice, Multicultural Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Global/Cultural Perspectives Electives (6 credits)
Choose two of the following courses:
CHI-311 Calligraphy as a Window to Chinese Language & Culture
CHI-310 Chinese Culture & Civilization
CHI-307 Images of Women in Chinese Literature & Film
COM-252 Intercultural Communication
COM/GLS-352 Chinese and American Intercultural Communication
COM/GLS-393 International Communication
FRE-311 French Culture
GER-310 German Culture
GLS-180 Understanding Global Relations
GLS-200 Social Construction of Global Society
GLS-201 Politics of the Global Economy
GLS-285 The Student Global Village
GLS-295 Emerging Issues in Global Studies
GLS-310 Ethnographic Film
GLS-325 Global Perspectives on Health & Illness
GLS-447 Global Literature
GLS-491 Internship in Global & Multinational Studies
HIS-201 African American History
HIS-191 Europe Since 1715
HIS-246 Modern Britain
HIS-249 Women in Europe
HIS-274 Modern Russia
HIS-243 Italy from the Middle Ages to the Present
HIS-280 Vietnam in Peace and War
HIS-281 The Modern Middle East
HIS-282 Colonial Latin America
HIS-283 Modern Latin America
HIS-284 Caribbean History
HIS-285 Traditional China & Japan
HIS-286 Modern East Asia
HIS-341 China in Revolution
HIS-288 African History
HIS-289 History of Modern Japan
HIS-200 Native American History
HIS-307 The Immigrant in American Life
HIS-342 Women in East Asia
ITA-310 Italian Culture & Civilization
LIT-250 Masterworks of Western Literature I
LIT-251 Masterworks of Western Literature II
LIT-311 Russian Literature
LIT-330 Russian Culture
MUS/GLS-308 World Music
PHL-207 Asian Philosophy
PHL-348 Indian Philosophy
PHL-358 Chinese Philosophy
PHL-368 Japanese Philosophy
POL/GLS-215 Global Politics
POL-216 Comparative Political Systems
POL-218 Asian Political System
POL/GLS-225 Nationalism in World Politics
POL-255 European Politics
POL-272 Politics of Latin America
POL-307 Political Communication
POL/GLS-315 Global Issues
POL-320 Politics of the Middle East
POL-321 International Law
POL-267 Chinese Politics
POL/GLS-365 Third World Politics
POL-366 Communist Systems: Politics and Policies
POL/GLS-367 Politics of Exile, Asylum and Diaspora
POL/GLS-368 International Organizations
POL-371 The Arab-Israeli Conflict
SOC-311 Social and Cultural Change
SOC-341 Developing Societies
SPA-310 Spanish Culture & Civilization
SPA-311 Latin-American/Latino Culture
Foreign Language Electives at the 101-level or above
POL/GLS-329 Comparative Environmental Policy