Timothy McMillan
Tim worked with Wilkin & Guttenplan during the spring semester of 2011.  Wilkin & Guttenplan is a regional firm located in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Tim’s internshipconsisted of practical experience in both audit and tax; however, the majority of it consisted to tax experience.  He was responsible for preparing individual, partnerships, and S-corporation tax returns.  According to Tim, "Doing an internship was a fantastic opportunity to get out of the classroom and see what real accounting work was like, and it did not disappoint.  I would highly recommend to anyone that is able to participate in this program to definitely do it."
Jasmine Romero
Jasmine worked with the Mercadien Group during the spring semester of 2011.  She was responsible for corporate and individual tax returns.  Jasmine says that she felt a part of the team because everyone treated her with kindness and respect.  Jasmine believes that her internship with the Mercadien Group allowed her to receive real hands-on experience with tax work. According to Jasmine, “The co-op/internship program is a great way to get real-life experience.  The experience is also very useful in class.  I didn’t know a thing about tax when I interned, but the experience really came in handy when I took my tax course that summer! I was able to apply everything I learned on the job in class.
Iram Khan
Iram worked with KPMG LLP during the summer of 2011.  Based out of the Princeton, NJ office, her clients consisted mainly of not-for-profits such as The College of New Jersey, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University.  During the internship, she typically spent about one or two weeks at her clients.  Iram assisted engagement teams with verification tests, confirmations, and recalculations.  According to Iram, “The co-op/internship program that the Accounting department offers is a great tool for students to take advantage of.  It’s a great way to get experience and expand your professional network.  I really enjoyed my internship experience, and I would definitely recommend every student to take advantage of this great opportunity.”
Paul Zygmund
Paul worked with Johnson & Johnson in their pharmaceutical sector based out of Raritan, New Jersey during the spring semester of 2011.  His main responsibilities consisted of forecasting budgets for his sales team and organizing team meetings.  According to Paul, “The co-op/internship program is an excellent opportunity to see if a particular type of Accounting is something you really want to do.  I quickly realized that Johnson & Johnson is what I want to do because I felt a part of the team and the corporate culture is very open and friendly.  As a co-op, I was treated like a financial analyst and was responsible for forecasting budgets and reporting them to upper management.  The co-op program is a great resource to Accounting students.”