Why Rider's MBA?

Many of the economic challenges and business opportunities facing today’s managers and executives have slowly evolved; however, others appear instantaneously, demanding leadership’s immediate attention with limited time for detailed analysis and decision making.

An MBA must not only provide students with the tools and knowledge to address these foundational business problems, but also equip them with the decision-making structures and contexts to address the market, technology and regulatory problems that lie ahead.

Rider’s MBA curriculum — both online and on-campus — is designed to better prepare you for the challenges of today’s marketplace. Your studies will:

  • Provide you with a broader understanding of overall business operations, moving from the “one dimensional” focus of traditional MBA programs to one that mirrors the complexity of today’s business enterprise.
  • Introduce you to innovative, contemporary business models, such as supply chain management and international growth.
  • Connect you to leading management thinking in such areas as business performance, multicultural marketing, social responsibility and ethical decision making.
  • Teach you the fundamentals of business analytics tools, technology innovations and business theories within a range of business and market contexts.
  • Advance your communication, teambuilding and leadership skills.
  • Expose you to greater hands-on, experiential learning and provide access to mentoring and feedback from faculty and corporate executives.
  • Offer you the choice of a concentration within the curriculum in one of these functional areas:
    • Business Analytics
    • Finance
    • Forensic Accounting*
    • Global Business

* Available to accounting majors only

Our program was developed by incorporating “best practices” in graduate business education, as well as the insights of our Executive Advisory Council, that includes business leaders from several industries.