The MBA Program requires a core of 27 credit hours of Breadth Course Requirements and 6 credit hours of elective courses. Students may also be required to take up to an additional 19.5 credit hours based on their business education, courses waived, and direct business experience. A student must complete between 33 and 52.5 semester hours for an MBA, depending on how many pre-program courses are waived. Electives may be used to concentrate in the areas of business analytics, finance, forensic accounting, or global business.

Breadth Course Requirements (27 semester hours)

PMBA-8210 Information Technology Management 3
PMBA-8220 Strategic Accounting for Managers 3
PMBA-8230 Managerial Economics 3
PMBA-8240 Applied Corporate Finance 3
PMBA-8250 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3
PMBA-8260 Marketing Analysis and Decision Making 3
PMBA-8270 Organizational Behavior 3
PMBA-8290 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Management 3
PMBA-8880 Strategic Management 3

Elective Courses (6 semester hours)

Students are required to complete 6 semester hours of electives to complete the program requirements. Up to two MAcc courses may be taken as electives by students in the MBA program as long as course prerequisites are met and the program director approves.

Concentrations/General Management Options

The Breadth Course Requirements provide a distinct and consistent advanced business knowledge and skill platform for all students in the MBA program. The electives allow the student to tailor the graduate educational experience to fit individual needs. Concentrations are three-course elective (nine credit) sequences in: business analytics, finance, forensic accounting, or global business. Electives counted toward a concentration are to carry a grade of “B” or better, and students must achieve a 3.20 GPA in those electives. Students may elect to pursue a general management option in lieu of a specific concentration and simply take two elective courses (6 credits).

Pre-Program Requirements – Courses

(19.5 semester hours for non-business undergraduates, outdated course work, or course work that did not meet waiver standards)

PMBA-8000 Executive Communications 1.5
PMBA-8010 Information Technology Proficiency 1.5
PMBA-8020 Fundamentals of Accounting 3
PMBA-8030 Economic Analysis 3
PMBA-8040 Basic Financial Principles 1.5
PMBA-8050 Introduction to Calculus 1.5
PMBA-8051 Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis 3
PMBA-8052 Models and Methods of Operations Management 1.5
PMBA-8060 Basic Marketing Principles 1.5
PMBA-8070 Management Theory and Application 1.5


  1. All students are required to take the Executive Communications waiver exam, which is offered two times a semester. Students graded as proficient on their speaking and presentation skills will have PMBA-8000 waived, though they may choose to take the course for their professional development. Students must complete this requirement within one year of their entering semester.
  2. One of the learning objectives of the MBA and MAcc programs is to improve the writing skills of the students. This will be done both formally through a class for those not demonstrating a level proficiency expected for business professionals and informally for all students through faculty review of student-prepared course materials such as research reports, case study write-ups and papers.
  3. A solid business math and calculus foundation is a pre-condition of the MBA program. This requirement may be met through prior undergraduate course work. Admitted students may also meet this requirement while in the program by successfully completing (with a grade of “B” or better) PMBA-8050 or an equivalent calculus course. This requirement must be met before the student may start the breadth courses of the program. Calculus is required for PMBA- 8230.

Students must have a 4.0 score or higher on the Analytical Writing Section of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or 3.5 on the Analytical Writing Section of the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). This proficiency level demonstrates adequate writing skills and at this level, students will be waived from taking the required business writing course. If a student’s score is lower than 4.0, he/she must take the English Department’s course ENG-321 Work Place Writing: Business and Professional Contexts, or a similar writing course at a U.S.-accredited university at the Junior (300), Senior (400) or Graduate (500 and above) levels. The student must achieve a “C” or better in the course, demonstrating basic proficiency. Course work done outside of Rider University must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs. This requirement must be met within one year of the start of a student’s first semester in the MBA Program.