As a student in the MBA program, you may select electives that will enable you to choose a varied selection of courses or you may concentrate in a particular area of interest, such as:

Concentrations are not a program requirement and many students may be best served by selecting electives from several different functional areas.

Program Concentration Requirements

Business Analytics
Faculty Contact: Dr. William Amadio
A minimum of 3 courses needed.
  • PMBA 8312 Data Mining
  • PMBA 8317 Applied Data Management for Business Users
  • PMBA 8357 Business Analytics for Managers
  • PMBA 8380 Business Analytics Optimization
  • PMBA 8902 Independent Study in Business Analytics
Faculty Contact: Dr. Lan Ma Nygren
A minimum of 3 courses needed.
  • PMBA 8341 Corporate Treasury Management
  • PMBA 8343 Investment Instruments & Strategies
  • PMBA 8344 Financial Market Operations
  • PMBA 8345 International Financial Management
  • PMBA 8346 Financial Modeling
  • PMBA 8347 Portfolio Management
  • PMBA 8902 Independent Study in Finance*
  • PMBA 8906 Selected Topics: Personal Financial Management

Forensic Accounting
(MBA, Undergrad Acc. Majors Only)

Fraud & Forensic Accounting (MAcc)
Faculty Contact: Dr. Margaret O’Reilly-Allen

A minimum of 3 courses needed.

  • MAcc 663 Fraud & Forensic Accounting
  • MAcc 665 Fraud Detection & Deterrence
Pick one:
  • MAcc 667 Business Valuations: Fundamentals, Techniques & Theory
  • PMBA 8312 Data Mining
International Business
Faculty Contact: Dr. Susan Denbo
A minimum of 3 courses needed.
  • MAcc 656 Int’l Dimensions of Accounting
  • PMBA 8315 Globalization & Technology
  • PMBA 8335 Int’l Trade & Investment
  • PMBA 8345 Int’l Financial Management
  • PMBA 8365 Int’l Marketing Management
  • PMBA 8375 Int’l Management
  • PMBA 8902 Independent Study in Global Business*
  • PMBA 8303 International Business Seminar

*NOTE: ALL Independent Studies must be sponsored by a full-time faculty member and approved by the Associate Dean for graduate programs.

NOTE: Students intending to declare a concentration should complete a Graduate Business Specialization/Concentration form which can be obtained in the Graduate Dean’s office in Sweigart Hall 215 or Sweigart Hall 258.