The Leadership Development Program Executive Committee is a student committee comprised of LDP members that meet on a weekly basis throughout the semester to enhance their involvement in the LDP community and network with fellow members. Students earn points toward their required 200 co-curricular points to complete the program as they participate on the committee through  influencing the activities of the LDP, serving as a mentor for new LDP inductees, providing service opportunities for LDP members, and being an ambassador to the LDP and student leadership at Rider.

Executive Committee Goals for the Year

As a committee, we aim to be more productive and expansive with our events not only within the organization, but campus-wide. We hope to create more relationships with the university and have the organization more widely recognized not only for its credentials, but it’s assets to the community.

  1. Grow as a team through team-builders, leadership activities, and executing events.
  2. Host & Participate in at least 2 social, skill-building, and/or community service events each semester
  3. Facilitate Member Involvement and Teamwork through Events such as
    1. Creating cards for children in hospitals
    2. Donating to local food shelters and nursing homes
    3. Informational Panels, creativity & leadership nights and workshops
  4. Conduct Group Check-ins to allow students to work with their peers to view their progress and steps needed to succeed
  5. Proactively Engage/Involve/Support LDP members, campus organizations, and community organizations through friendly competition and team work
  6. Develop as leaders by seeking opportunities to grow and to help others

How can the LDP Executive Committee help you?

If you are in need of LDP support, have an idea for an event you’d like to see happen, or would like to join the committee, please contact [email protected].

Meet the 2016–2017 LDP Executive Committee:

Roxana Aguilar, Public Relations, 2019
Voirrey Baker, Mathematics, 2020
Morgan Benedetti, Biology, Minor: Criminal Justice, 2017
David Eggert, Elementary Education & Psychology, Minors: Special Education & Early Childhood Education, 2018
Jessica Flaherty, Management and Leadership & Human Resource Management, 2020
Melissa Goldberg, Elementary Education & History, Minor: Special Education, 2018
Rushil Jain, Accounting, 2018
Ashley Leeds, Education & Psychology, 2019
Liam Piscetelli, Behavioral Neuroscience, 2017
Sonia Sosa, Accounting, 2020
Jessenia Tantalean, Accounting, 2017

Social Media Chairs
Kayla Drozdowski, Elementary Education & Psychology, 2019
John Vandevert, Vocal Performance, 2020

Keira Aukamp, Graduate Assistant-LDP, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2018