Rider Athletes Play, and Pledge

The student-athletes at Rider University realize that it is an honor to represent their institution, and pledge to show Respect, Integrity and Dedication to achieve Excellence through Responsibility.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, Rider student-athletes have begun reciting The Bronc Pledge, a Pledge that hangs in locker rooms and athletics department offices.

Two years ago the Rider Department of Athletics teamed up with the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills to develop the Captains’ Leadership Program. The Program consisted of seminars, which resulted in the Captains’ Leadership Principles, leadership guidelines that Rider team captains hold themselves accountable for.

“As captains, we were really pleased with the outcome of the Captains’ Leadership Principles,” said Aimee Schiller ’08, former Rider softball team captain, “but these were specifically targeted at only the captains. We felt that it would be beneficial to the athletic community to have an oath or credo that all student-athletes were expected to support and abide by.”

Thus, an athletic ‘code of conduct’ was recently established by members of the Captain’s Leadership Program.

“We looked at many others, including the Oklahoma Sooner Oath and the Carolina Creed,” Schiller said, “to get an idea of where to start. We picked out what we liked and disliked about them and began to develop what mattered most to us.”

“I am very proud of the leadership and initiative that our student-athletes provided in coming up with The Bronc Pledge,” said Rider Director of Athletics Don Harnum. “It shows me that they share the athletic department's mission that student-athletes are role models and need to hold themselves to high standards in the class room, in competition, and in the community.”

The Pledge was created by a dozen student-athletes from the softball, volleyball, field hockey, wrestling and men’s soccer teams. “The creators of the Pledge are very proud of it and hope that the entire athletics community will adopt it, take pride in it and embrace the value and importance that it holds,” Schiller said.

“The pledge is something that not only was supported by the administration of Rider but was also created by the student-athletes, which is a great situation,” said men’s soccer team captain Colin Jennings, who like Schiller, was one of the Pledge creators. “The pledge was something that brought together student-athlete leaders and hopefully brought out the best in all of them to create something that reaches out to past, current and future student-athletes.”

“This Pledge shows our university’s commitment to athletic leadership and excellence,” Schiller said. “It raises the standards of Rider Athletics, in performance and leadership. In reciting this Pledge, we are promising to ourselves, teammates, our University and our community to uphold it and live by it at all times.”

Article written by Rider Sports Information

Release date: September 11, 2008

The Bronc Pledge:


With the honor of being Rider Student-Athletes:

  • We pledge to Respect the culture and traditions of the University and its communities;
  • We will pursue our academic careers with the highest level of pride and Integrity;
  • We Dedicate ourselves to supporting our team and athletic family in all efforts to achieve success;
  • We commit to athletic Excellence through leadership, sportsmanship and the will to win; and
  • We are Responsible for representing ourselves, our team and the University by always striving for greatness.