Social Media Tools for Community Focused Law Enforcement

The effective integration of WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and email, will allow local law enforcement agencies to provide time-sensitive notices, with a single posting on a WordPress blog.

The focus of this video series is to set up a WordPress Blog that will serve as an anchor social media tool. Once the WordPress account is established you will be shown how to set up a Facebook Organization Page and a Twitter account. The video series includes instructions on how visitors to your blog can place your Posts on their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The Post on WP will simultaneously appear on the Wall of your Facebook Page, a tweet in Titter, and an email in your email account. The anchor of this video series is WordPress because WP has historically proved to be a stable interface unlike other social media tools. By simply connecting those social media resources to your WordPress blog your “followers” can receive updates on the social media tool of their choice. 

Setting up a Wordpress Blog 

Setting up a Facbook Organization Page 

Facebook: E-mail Verification

Facebook: Uploading an Image 

Setting up a Twitter account 

Twitter e-mail verification 

WordPress dashboard 

Settings: getting the look you want

Let's post 

Categorizing your posts

All three connected 

Eliminating the comments feature in your blog 

Eliminating the Comments feature

Limit who may post on the wall

Sharing button made simple

WordPress pages

WordPress posts 

Connecting the flow of information 



All Videos Written, Designed, and Scripted by Suzanna McGee

Ready - Set - Go (theme music) by Suzanna McGee

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Law Enforcement Print Screen Examples:

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Bethlehem Mounted Police:

Brooklyn Bears Community Gardens:

Santa Fe Crime:

West Seattle Block Watch Captin's Network:

The Palmer Post:

The Town Square:

New Jersey State Police: Facebook Page

Virgina State Police: Facebook Page

Greenfield Police Department: Facebook Page

City of Utica: Police Department: Facebook Page

Cherry Hill Police: Facebook Page

Boston Police Department: Twitter

Vancover Police Department: Twitter

Medesto Police Department: Twitter

Milwaukee Police Department: Twitter