Student Testimonials

Louis Chebetar Louis Chebetar – Accounting
The structured curriculum helped me gain insight on myself as a leader as well as the needs of others I work with. The application of what I had learned and seeing the dramatic impact and benefit of the soft skills I gained made the Leadership Development Program a cornerstone during my time here at Rider.
Sami Ijaz Sami Ijaz – Management and Leadership/International Business
The LDP has enabled me to stand out in the working world by enhancing my leadership and providing me the capabilities to succeed in any situation.
Morgan Taylor Morgan Taylor – Secondary Education/English Literature
Being in the Leadership Development Program really increased my networking on campus. I've held three board positions already, and I'm in over six different clubs and organizations. The LDP offers so many opportunities to advance your leadership skills and really helps you develop as a substantial figure both on campus and in everyday life.
Cory Westcott Cory Westcott – Finance
By way of my participation in a vast array of LDP-sponsored events, intertwined with taking the class Foundations of Leadership (LDP 200), my initial interview and acceptance to this highly regarded program has provided unbounded opportunities for further polishing my personal and professional development.

Some of the current LDP members had this to say when asked about the Leadership Development Program:

  • “…helps strengthen ones confidence and self-esteem… encourages teamwork and bringing out the best in others.”
  • “…has opened doors for me that would have never been opened otherwise.”
  • “…strengths are the programs, the resources provided to students, and the collaboration with other organizations …”
  • “…provides valuable and entertaining events that help us gain skills and knowledge that we can apply…”
  • “…helped me develop in my confidence to meet new people and to work towards attaining my goals.”
  • “…helped me to learn better ways of assessing my character and become an even better leader.”
  • “…has greatly helped me identify and improve upon my strengths and weaknesses as a leader.”