Rider University Energy Meter Directions

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Use the following directions to check each buildings energy usage on the Lawrenceville and Westminster Campus.

Use website

  1. Enter Username & Password
    Username: user
    Password:  user
    Click on the Lawrenceville Campus or Westminster Campus map
  2. Click on building you are interested in looking at
  3. Where is says "Equipment Access", click on the Electric Meter
    This will take you to a screen that shows the meter in real time.
  4. To look at the whole day or, any day you want:
    On the left, in the middle area, look for "Average Demand"
  5. Click on the number in that box and it will take you to a grid that should have a blue line.
  6. In the top left, you will see a box that says "today".  There is a drop down menu next to that box.  Click it.
    From here you have several options for data you would like to look at:
    • If you want to look at a specific date/time range, click on "Time Range", then click on the little clock.  Make sure that for start and end, they both say "fixed"
      You can change the date, year, time, am/pm, whatever you want, then click on "ok".  It will give you a new graph.
      You can glide the mouse over any portion of the graph to see what the KwH usage is at any time (it will give you a date, time and KwH).
  7. When finished, just log out.

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