Medalist: MCCC

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Mercer County Community College

Citation and Sesquicentennial Medal presented on December 14, 2015

In celebration of Rider University’s 150th anniversary, a new sesquicentennial Medal of Excellence was established to recognize individuals and institutions that have gone “above and beyond” in assisting the University to better serve its students, alumni and our community. Today, we recognize one such exemplary partner: Mercer County Community College.

Mercer County Community College has remained a strong educational partner with Rider University throughout the 49-year relationship between the two institutions. Together, we have worked to forge academic collaborations that allow students to move easily from a community college setting to a four-year institution to complete their degree. In fact, students from MCCC continue to be the largest source of transfer students to Rider University.

This partnership has become increasingly important as our student populations have grown more diverse in age, experience and access. Articulation agreements include the Global Supply Chain Management, Global Studies, and Elementary Education majors. Our latest articulation agreement includes several other majors, for a total of 23 programs, one-third of Rider’s undergraduate programs.

Over the past five years, 350 students have successfully transferred from Mercer to Rider, and it is a testament to the faculty, administration and the rigorous curriculum at Mercer that these students have been well-prepared for this transition. Though this connection started with only a handful of students, it has grown into a vibrant partnership guided by our mutual goal to create thoughtful, intelligent and successful university graduates.

We remain grateful to Mercer County Community College for partnering with Rider University for the common benefit of our students, our faculty and our shared communities. Together, we are dedicated to student development and success. Transfer agreements benefit both institutions but, more importantly, they benefit the students who persist in pursuing their degrees.

As we approach the conclusion of the 150th anniversary of the University’s founding, and in honor of our historical and future partnerships with the College, we are pleased to present this much-deserved Sesquicentennial Medal of Excellence to Mercer County Community College.

-President Gregory G. Dell’Omo, Ph.D.