The WCC Organs

Performance Instruments

1935 Aeolian-Skinner, rebuilt [Bristol Chapel]

Bristol Chapel is one of the main performance spaces for Westminster Choir College. It is home to a 3/59 Aeolian Skinner, which was restored in 1982 by Mark Brombaugh and Kenneth Wolfe. This is the primary instrument for organ recitals and performance class. Students sign up for practice time on the instrument through the Concerts Office or the Sacred Music Office.

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1969 Casavant, [Scheide Recital Hall, Dayton Hall]

Scheide Recital Hall is located in the basement of Dayton Hall and seats about 50 people. The 3/44 Casavant was built in 1969 and is used for lessons, studio classes, performance class as well as recitals. Students are able to sign up for at least two hours a week for practice time on the instrument.

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1978 C.B. Fisk, [Bristol Chapel, Fisk Room]

Located in the basement of Bristol Chapel, the Fisk organ is used for lessons, studio classes, and performance class, and can also be used for recitals. This tracker organ has 2 manuals and a concave/radiating pedal board.

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1978 Casavant Portative Continuo Organ [Bristol Chapel]

Practice Instruments

A variety of practice organs are available for student use, including instruments by the following builders:

  • Casavant
  • Flentrop
  • Holtkamp
  • Möller
  • Noack
  • Schantz
  • Von Beckerath
  • Phelps