SFC Forms and & Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
(Reminder: All forms must be filled out electronically and then printed. Handwritten submissions will be rejected without consideration. All forms are in Adobe PDF format.)

  • Request for Discretionary Funds
  • Request for Reimbursement
    Use this form if you need to be reimbursed for pre-approved expenditures.
  • Request for Bill Payment
    If you have already been approved for funds, this form can be used to request a check for bill payment (e.g., custom t-shirts were ordered and the bill needs to be paid.)
  • Request for Cash Advance
    Sometimes events are more expensive than individual students can afford to be reimbursed. In this case, an organization can request a cash advance for pre-approved expenditures. The check is cut to the organizational treasurer who must return itemized receipts and all excess cash within several business days following the event.
  • Budget Packet
  • Tax Exemption Certificate
    As a non-profit, we are exempt from sales tax in the state of New Jersey. As a result, you and / or your organization will not be reimbursed for sales tax paid. Provide this exemption certificate to each store or vendor from whom you purchase merchandise.
  • Tax Exemption Certificate Instructions
    Download this file if you need instructions for completing the sales tax exemption certificate.

Reference Documents

  • Money Saving Tips
    Want to get funding for your next project or program? Use these money saving tips to help increase your chance of success.