"An institution of learning should be far more conservatively managed than, for instance, a bank, or even a savings bank or a trust company. These companies need only assure the depositor or investor that his funds will be duly cared for during the limited time in which they may be deposited. But a university invests the funds of those who are seeking to make an investment of money for the good of humanity, which shall last, if possible, as long as the world stands."
- John D. Rockefeller

Student Finance Board
Chairperson: Samantha Scully
Trustee at Large: Jack Cleghorn
Graduate Student Trustee: Lindsey Pope
Senior Class Trustee: Chad Keilman
Junior Class Trustee: Rebekah Pokelemba
Sophomore Class Trustee: Sarah Mae Lagasca
Freshman Class Trustee: Andrew Lushers

  • Constitution & By-Laws (Adobe PDF)
    The specific powers entrusted to the Student Finance Board and Student Body Treasurer are detailed in this governing document. Note: The Constitution & By-Laws are undergoing review and may change significantly before ratified. At this time, this document is provided solely as a reference guide.