Sinfonia is a Brotherhood of men bound together for mutual helpfulness

General Information & Mission

Sinfonia is a Brotherhood of men bound together for mutual helpfulness. Its purpose is not only to bring men together as friends, but also to provide a network of brothers with whom men can commune and renew their zeal — a support network that helps the  individual to meet the challenges that face him in his daily life. By teaching men who are united as brothers to live their lives according to the noble virtues set forth in the Fraternity’s Initiation Ritual, Sinfonia builds better, stronger, broader individuals who are able to live in sympathy and in harmony with their Fraternity brothers and their fellow man.

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  • President: Joshua Hemmings
  • Vice President: Christopher D. Bober
  • Fraternal Education Officer: James E. Howe
  • Secretary: Giancarlo D'Elia
  • Treasurer: Kevin Bertin
  • Historian: Jacob Ezzo
  • Alumni Relations Officer: Christopher D. Bober
  • Warden: Daniel W. Halbstein
  • Choirmaster: Tom Cunningham
  • Faculty Advisor: Frank Abrahams

Membership Information & Requirements

There are four classes of membership.  Probationary, Collegiate, Alumni, and Honorary.

Probationary: Candidates may be proposed for probationary membership only by chapter members in good standing. They shall be admitted to probationary membership by the affirmative vote of three-fourths of the chapter members in good standing who are present and voting. They shall participate in a probationary member program for a period of not less than four weeks nor more than three calendar months, or in accordance with the policies of Westminster Choir College in consultation with the national staff. Should there be legitimate cause to reconsider a candidate during the probationary membership program, another three-fourths vote will be necessary to continue candidacy. A candidate who fails to successfully complete the probationary membership program, or who withdraws from probationary membership voluntarily, shall no longer be affiliated with Phi Mu Alpha. He may, however, be reconsidered for participation in a later probationary membership program.

Collegiate: Candidates must be probationary members who successfully complete the probationary member program and meet all national and chapter financial requirements in a manner satisfactory to the national staff. Prior to being initiated they must first be approved by secret ballot by an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the collegiate members in good standing who are present and voting.

Alumni: A collegiate member in good standing may be transferred to alumni membership by his chapter if he terminates his academic affiliation with Rider University, if he is off campus for one or more professional semesters (e.g. student teaching, internship, study abroad), or if he has paid eight semesters of per capita taxes. Students transferred to alumni membership while off campus for a professional semester shall resume collegiate membership upon their return to regular classes at the sheltering institution.  An alumni member may consider affiliating with a collegiate chapter pending an affirmative majority vote of its members.  Upon acceptance he is entitled to all privileges of collegiate membership, and he must also assume all defined obligations and responsibilities of collegiate members.  An alumni member may consider affiliating with an alumni association pending an affirmative majority vote of its members.He shall retain his alumni membership and any and all privileges and responsibilities thereof.

Honorary: Honorary membership may be conferred upon any distinguished male musician or patron of music. An honorary member shall be entitled to such benefits as determined by the National Executive Committee and listed in the Fraternity’s Guide to Awards.  Chapter honorary membership may be conferred by any collegiate chapter. The initiation fee for an honorary member shall paid by the chapter.  National honorary membership may be conferred by the National Executive Committee. All national honorary members shall be initiated into the honorary Alpha Alpha Chapter.

Activity and Club Category 
Westminster Choir College, Fraternities & Sororities, Service, Professional, and Special Interest