Paul W. Hofreiter Scholarship Concert

Presented in memory of the late Westminster Conservatory faculty member.  The program will feature music by Paul W. Hofreiter and Paul C. Hofreiter. Performers include: Paul C. Hofreiter (guitar and double bass), Megan Hofreiter (piano), Janice Hofreiter (piano), Bill Trigg (marimba), and the two winners of the 2012 Paul W. Hofreiter Scholarship: Michael Gaspari (piano) and Emily Delia (harp).


Paul C. Hofreiter, guitar and double bass
Megan Hofreiter, piano
Janice Hofreiter, piano
Bill Trigg, marimba
Winners of the 2012 Paul W. Hofreiter Scholarship
Michael Gaspari, piano
Emily Delia, harp

Ticket Information: 

Free Admission
Scholarship donations will be accepted at the door. 

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