Any Rider University student may choose to pursue the 18-credit Arts Administration minor. Interested students should declare the Arts Administration minor by completing a form available in the Assistant Registrar’s Office at Westminster Choir College.

Arts Administration Minor (18 semester hours)

Required Courses 12

Introduction to Arts Administration *1
Introduction to Business
AAD202 Communications & Marketing in the Arts *2 3
AAD203 Arts Fundraising *2 3
Choose one of the following *3 3
ENG321 Workplace Writing: Business & Professional Contexts  
ENG322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising & Development  
COM107 Writing for the Media  
Electives chosen from the following:
AAD290 Arts Administration Independent Study (may be repeated once) 3
AAD305 Music Publishing 3
AAD306 Recording Industry 3
AAD307 Tour Management 2
AAD350 Venue Management 2
AAD351 Crossing Cultural Borders: An Investigation of Arts Management Styles in other Countries (may be taken more than once) 3
AAD491 Internship (Minors may repeat up to two times.) 3
AAC210 Introduction to Accounting 3
ACC220 Managerial Uses of Accounting 3
ADV300 Advertising Principles 3
ART227 Gallery Management 3
BUS210 Introduction to Law: Contracts 3
CIS185 Information Systems Essentials 3
CIS340 Electronic Commerce 3
COM102 Introduction to News Writing 3
COM107 Persuasive Writing for the Media 3
COM212 Publication Design 3
COM261 Multimedia Communication 3
COM280 Issues in Event Planning 3
COM290 Professional and Strategic Speech 3
COM341 Publicity Methods in Organizations 3
COM363 Converging Digital Media 3
ENG322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals 3
LDP200 Foundations of Leadership 3
MGT201 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MGT310 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3
MGT346 Negotiation 3
MGT363 Management Skills 3
MKT330 International Marketing 3
MKT340 Personal Selling 3
MUS312 The Arts Abroad (January term) 3
Suggested Political Science Courses
POL201 Policy Issues, Advocacy and Budgeting 3
POL215 Global Politics 3
POL210 Public Opinion 3
POL325 Public Administration 3


  1. Satisfactory completion of AAD121 or CBA110 and of all English Composition requirements of a student’s college is a prerequisite for AAD202 and AAD203.
  2. A student who chooses to take both AAD121and CBA110 may count the credits for the second course toward electives in this minor.
  3. A student who chooses to take two of the three writing courses may count the second course toward electives in this minor.
  4. An internship must be undertaken in an arts organization venue in order to count toward this minor. While it may be arranged for three or more credits, a maximum of six internship credits may be counted toward electives.