Students and professors following a Harpsichord recital at the Philadelphia Cathedral, November 2008.

Harpsichord at Westminster

Students from all majors and departments study harpsichord at Westminster, exploring the instruments’ rich repertory and history, and learning to apply practical techniques in historical performance practice.*

The Instruments
Most practice and instruction takes place on the Flemish-style harpsichord by Anderson Dupree. Harpsichords by Bannister and Dowd are also available.

The harpsichord is regularly used for accompaniment. Each semester enrolled harpsichordists have opportunities for solo performance.

*For some elective credits additional fees may apply.

For more info:
Dr. Kathleen Scheide
Dayton 2
609-921-7100 x8286

Past Recitals

Dr. Scheide, Prof. Cowan and students following Music from the Court of Louis XIV, May 2010.