Westminster's Master of Voice Pedagogy program is offered almost entirely online and is specifically designed to serve the needs of professional singers, voice teachers, school music teachers, and voice coaches who want advanced training in the art and science of voice teaching. For those interested, there is also the option of extensive voice research. Supported by the latest developments in voice science, and thoroughly grounded in practical application, the program offers the most comprehensive training for singing teachers available anywhere. Because of the high standard required for admission to this program, applications will be considered only from candidates who can document professional experience, and who have worked in their chosen field for at least five years since their undergraduate degree was completed.

At least one course required to fulfill this degree is offered online each semester. Coursework is also offered during Westminster's six-week Summer Session, including the Voice Pedagogy Institute, allowing degree candidates to maintain performance schedules and teaching jobs during the year.

The distinguished Master of Voice Pedagogy faculty includes Christopher Arneson, JJ Penna, Kathy Kessler Price and Sean McCarther. This unique program is for experienced singers, teachers, and collaborative pianists who are ready to become true masters in the art of teaching.

Master of Voice Pedagogy (32 semester hours)

Major Area


VC650 Pedagogy Thesis 3
VC722 Literature for Teaching 3
VC723/724 Voice Pedagogy I/II 6 (3 per term)
VC791 Teaching Internship *1 2
Literature Courses 6
VC661 German Lieder 3

French Mélodie

Core 9
MH731 Introduction to Musicology 3
  Theory or Music History elective (1 course) 3
  Core elective *2 3
Electives 5

Free electives *3



  1. Students who have had significant teaching experience in American schools may petition to substitute another graduate course for VC791. The department, if granting, will specify acceptable course alternatives.
  2. The core elective must be a single, 3-credit graduate-level course outside the student’s major area, area of emphasis and/or area of applied study.
  3. Students may fulfill free elective requirements through completion of summer workshops and/or Saturday Seminars with prior approval of the Voice Department.
  4. Students with limited prior singing experience, as determined through departmental evaluation of past vocal study, performance career and/or performing skill as demonstrated through live or recorded performance, may be required to complete up to four credits of applied voice instruction in addition to the major area course requirements. Such required developmental lessons will result in additional charges.
  5. In addition to the above requirements, all students must demonstrate competency in at least two of the three major European singing languages (Italian, German, French). This may occur through completion of at least one year of college-level study in each language, intensive work through language institutes or practical experience living and/or working in a foreign country, as verified by diagnostic testing at Westminster.

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