Teaching Tips are a service of the Westminster Center for Critical Pedagogy. These tips will provide insight to the world of Critical Pedagogy. Each Teaching Tip will give teachers new ideas and tools to integrate into their classrooms. A new Teaching Tip will be added each month; to be alerted when a new Teaching Tip is posted please join the Westminster Center for Critical Pedagogy listserv.

  • Critical Pedagogy and Music Theater (pdf)
    Critical pedagogy is a particular perspective that views teaching and learning as a conversation among students and their teachers.  Advocates of critical pedagogy, and particularly Critical Pedagogy for Music Education, believe that students learn best when they take ownership for their own learning.  Teachers who embrace the tenets of Critical Pedagogy for Music Education acknowledge that students come to the music classroom, applied lesson, or rehearsal with knowledge and experience gleaned from their own interactions with the outside world.  Critical pedagogues use that as the anchor to ground new learning. 
  • Critical Pedagogy for Music Education and the Choral Rehearsal
    Many have asked how one applies the principles of Critical Pedagogy for Music Education to the choral rehearsal. While it is easier to write a general music lesson using a plan that focuses your thinking to problematize, prescribe, personalize and perform, many do not see how that might carry over into the choir. While the lesson plan model for classroom music does not transfer easily, the strategies and global precepts of critical pedagogy and Critical Pedagogy for Music Education do.
  • World Series and Critical Pedagogy
    It is World Series time, and I am thinking about ways I might connect the World Series to my music lessons. The World Series embodies broad concepts of loyalty, spirit, community, and motivation; any of these concepts could provide the umbrella for a variety of Critical Pedagogy music lessons.