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We're here to help you understand all of your financial options, so you can make informed financial decisions. E-mail any of the individual counselors below or call the direct line at 609-896-5360.
  • Dennis Levy

    Director of Financial Aid
    E-mail: dlevy@rider.edu
    Students: All Students
    Specialty Areas: Appeals, Communications, Escalated Case Reviews, Events, Financial Aid Planning, Office Compliance, Publications
  • Jim Conlon

    Senior Assistant Director
    E-mail: jconlon@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letters O, P, Q, R), Athletes
    Specialty Areas: Appeals, Quality Assurance Verification
  • Judy Wood

    Senior Assistant Director
    E-mail: jwood@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letters F, G, H, I, J, K)
    Specialty Areas: Study Abroad, Federal Grants
  • Jolly Varghese

    Assistant Director
    E-mail: jvarghese@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letters L, M), Educational Opportunity Program
    Specialty Areas: State Grants, Federal Work Study
  • Candee Schaefer

    Assistant Director
    E-mail: schaefer@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letter C), College of Continuing Studies, Veterans and Active Service Members, Tuition Remission
    Specialty Areas: Charlotte Newcombe, Community Service Agreements
  • Alexandra ("Lexie") Samuel

    Assistant Director
    E-mail: samuel@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letters D,E,N,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z)
    Specialty Areas: Direct Loans, Satisfactory Academic Progress Review
  • Amanda Hicks

    Assistant Director
    E-mail: youngam@rider.edu
    Students: Undergraduates (last names beginning with the letters A,B,S), Graduate Students
    Specialty Areas: Private Loans, Outside Loans and Scholarships, Summer Awarding, Graduate Assistantships

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  • Students come to Rider – and stay – for its sense of community.
    It's easy to become connected to the Rider community. People here saw leadership potential in me. They encouraged me to get involved. They inspired me to do more. Rider has changed me as a person and as a leader.
    – Jeff Morales, Mahwah, NJ – Class of 2013
  • It’s my turn to step up and give back.
    Community service offers a way to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults. They’re the future. If we can serve as positive role models, we’re setting them up for something good.
    – Lonz Fields, New York City, NY – Class of 2012
  • There’s a culture of involvement at Rider that helped me build my leadership skills.
    I’m constantly developing my skills — from practicing my public speaking to learning to work as part of a team, collaborating and implementing ideas. Every step of the way, Rider gives you direction and encouragement.
    – Monica Stachowski, Allentown, PA – Class of 2013
  • When you see how you can apply learning to your life and career, it all makes sense.
    Knowing there’s a connection between what I’m learning and what I can do with that knowledge fuels my interest and my drive to do better. Rider makes those real-world connections.
    – Justin Esteban, Bethel, CT – Class of 2014
Undergraduates receiving
financial aid: 98%
Average financial aid
package $29K
Undergraduate receiving
Rider Gift Aid: 96%