Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center is a resource and networking center that promotes and enhances the teaching mission of Rider University. The Center encourages faculty renewal through interdisciplinary communities of practice. It fosters innovation, collaboration, collegiality, and scholarship through a broad range of programs, services, and resources.

The TLC keeps the campus community abreast of pedagogical developments, maintains and coordinates a wide array of teaching and learning resources, and supports faculty in enhancing their teaching.


  • Promote the value of teaching within the university culture
  • Foster professional development for effective teaching that contributes to students' engagement in all learning environments
  • Direct faculty to resources that support teaching and learning

Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) Staff

Heeyoung Kim, Ph.D.
Director of Faculty Development
Phone: 609-896-5333
Email: hekim@rider.edu
Cathlene I. Leary-Elderkin
Associate Director for Grants Development & Science Literacy; Director, Rider SELECT
Phone: 609-896-5000, ext. 7257
Email: clearyelder@rider.edu
Timothy C. McGee, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Faculty Development
Phone: 609-896-5000, ext. 7015
Email: tmcgee@rider.edu
 Carrie M. Tretola
CONNECT-ED Project Manager
Phone: 609-896-5000, ext. 7016
Email: ctretola@rider.edu
 Administrative Specialist (Vacant)
Teaching and Learning Center
Phone: 609-896-5333
Fax: 609-896-5334
Email: tlc@rider.edu
Kathleen M. Browne, Ph.D.
CONNECT-ED & BILLD Projects Director
Phone: 609-895-5408
Email: browne@rider.edu