Students may request housing accommodations for a disability or disabling medical conditions by downloading this form.  To initiate the process, students must pay the housing deposits and complete the housing agreement by the annual housing deadlines.

In addition, students requesting housing accommodations (e.g. 1st floor, strobe lights, accessible exterior entrance/exit) must complete the Request for Disability Housing Accommodations form and supply appropriate documentation. The deadline for submission of this form is March 1 for returning students and May 1 for new students.  Each housing accommodation request is reviewed by a committee of representatives from the Residence Life Office, Services for Students with Disabilities and Student Health Services.

Among other accommodations, many students request air conditioned rooms.  Because of limited space, approval is granted to those with the most significantly disabling condition(s).  As an example, seasonal allergies and allergic rhinitis do not typically qualify as disabilities per the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended.

Students approved for air conditioning and not able to be housed in an air conditioned building will need to supply their own air conditioner unit (no larger than 5,000 BTUs).  Facilities will install approved air conditioners as soon as possible during opening week.

Please note requests may be denied to those who submit their requests after the publicized deadlines.