Rates & Billing

Room Deposit
For returning students, a room deposit in the amount of $200.00 is required by March 1 for the following Fall term and will be applied to the Spring semester room charge.

For new students, the $200 room deposit is due with this application by May 1. The deposit will be held in the student’s account and applied towards the room rent for the Spring semester.

The room deposit is not refundable except (1) for students who are academically dismissed, (2) for students who do not receive a room assignment by the first day of classes and who do not want to be on the waiting list and (3) for undue hardship as determined by the Residence Life Office.

Security Deposit
This deposit will be held by the University to cover possible damages or penalties assessed against the student and may also be applied to any other financial obligation of the student to the University. Once this $100 deposit is made, no further security deposit is required.

Occupancy Charge
The charge for room and board on campus is based upon a schedule of charges announced in March to be effective the following academic year. The charge will vary according to the type of accommodation assigned and may change if the room assignment changes. The rest of the room and board charges must be paid by August 11 for the fall semester and by January 2 for the spring semester.

Housing Rates
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