Housing Calendar & Dates

Keep updated on key housing dates

Spring Semester Opening 1/25 at 9 am
Spring Break Closing 3/14 at 5:30 pm
Spring Break Opening 3/23 at 2 pm
Fall Housing Deposits Due3/1
Greek Room Selection 3/10
Premium Room Selection 3/12
Small Single and Double Single Selection3/13
Standard Room Selection 3/31 - 4/2
Summer Housing Application Open4/7
New Students Complete Housing Application and Deposit
Spring Semester Closing 5/14 at 3 pm
New student lottery number notification5/30
New Student Room Selection Learning Communities6/9 - 6/10
New Student Room Selection6/11 - 6/20
New Student Move-In8/31
Returning Student Move-In9/1 - 9/2

*updated for Fall 2013

All residences and dining facilities will be closed to students during the following periods:

  • Thanksgiving
  • End of semester
  • Spring break
  • and other designated periods when school is not in session.

Closing times will be set by the Residence Life Office. In addition, students must leave the residence unit within twenty-four (24) hours after their last examination, termination of enrollment, or release from the agreement.

Spring Semester Opening1/23 at 2 pm
Spring Break Closing3/15 at 12 pm
Spring Break Opening3/23 at 2 pm
Fall Housing Deposits Due3/1
Room Selection3/31 - 4/2
Residence Halls Open for New Students8/27 at 8 am - 12 pm
Residence Halls Open for Returning Students8/28 at 10 am

*updated for Fall 2013