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Rider University requires all International students (Full-time, part-time, ELI) and all full-time Graduate, Continuing Studies, and Undergraduate domestic students to maintain health insurance coverage for the period of their enrollment and present evidence of that coverage to Rider University (this policy does not apply to part-time domestic students). The waiver located in MyRider must be completed each year.

Those students not covered by their own family policies will be covered by the insurance plan provided through the university.

Summary of Benefits




Waiving Insurance (Domestic Students Only)

If you elect not to purchase the insurance through Rider, the Rider student must complete an Online Waiver Card so that the cost of the insurance can be removed from the student's account.

To waive the Rider insurance, the student should log into myRider at (using EasyPass credentials) and click on the Student Information Tab .  Enter either the Personal Information (lower left of the page) or the Steps to Enrolling at Rider section (top middle of the page).   Once you open the waiver, you will need your current insurance information.  If you need technical assistance with accessing the form on line please contact the help desk.

Here are some questions which you may wish to ask when deciding to purchase the health insurance plan provided through Rider University.

Rider University requires that full-time students be covered by health insurance. Rider University provides a group health insurance plan for full-time undergraduate and graduate students for which the fee is automatically billed along with tuition and other fees. If you currently have health insurance and are considering filing a waiver to be exempted from the Student Insurance Plan, please ask your health insurance carrier the following questions.

Questions to ask your insurance carrier:

  1. Is the Lawrenceville, New Jersey area included within your health insurance carrier’s benefit coverage area?
    If not, then in effect you do not have health insurance coverage for local providers while attending school, which is nine to eleven months out of the year. Make sure you know whether or not you will require a referral from your primary physician if you need the services of a physician outside of Student Health Services or whether you will be required to return home for service.

  2. Does your other health insurance carrier provide out of area coverage only in case of emergency care?
    If so, how do they define an emergency? This may be your first extended stay away from home. Illness that might seem quite critical in the middle of the night may or may not be considered an emergency by a health insurance carrier. (Student Health Services is open week days from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and closed at all other times, including weekends and holidays when the University is closed.)

  3. Does your plan have a deductible?
    If so, how much is it and under what circumstances is it due? Some deductibles are due annually, while others are due per occurrence (accident or illness). (The plan offered by Rider University has a $500.00 deductible.)

  4. To what age limit can students be covered under your current health insurance plan?
    You need to check your policy to make sure you will be covered. Policies vary, and age limits and/or full-time student status may affect your eligibility for coverage. This may change at the end of a calendar year. (There is no age limit for students in the Student Insurance Plan.)

  5. Is the student required to contact the Primary Medical Provider before receiving emergency care?
    Please verify with your personal insurance carrier.  Students who obtain health insurance through Rider University may obtain emergency services without first visiting the Health Center. 

  6. Is the student required to obtain a referral form from the Primary Medical Provider before he/she can see a physician, specialist or psychologist in the Lawrenceville area?
    Many health insurance plans and HMO’s require referral forms from the Primary Medical Provider in order for the services of specialists to be covered.  While this is not required by students who purchase health insurance through Rider University, our Health Center staff have knowledge and relationships with local specialists and will be able to arrange appropriate referrals. 

  7. Does your health insurance cover emergency dental care?
    The Student Insurance Plan provides limited emergency dental care for accidental injuries.

Information on the Student Plans Center Website

The University is currently finalizing our insurance agreement with United HealthCare. Cost for covered from August 20, 2016 - August 19, 2017 will be $1370.  Details will be available shortly.

Claim Procedure

In the event of a non-emergency injury or sickness, student should:

  1. You may choose to report to the Student Health Center (if in the immediate area and the center is open). If the Health Center is closed, or in the event of an emergency, seek immediate treatment from the nearest doctor or hospital. You may search for an in-network healthcare provider on the following website:
  2. If away from the area, secure treatment from a hospital or licensed physician. The Student Health Center will provide necessary instructions for filing claims.

  3. You may choose to obtain medical services and provide the hospital or clinican with your insurance information so that a claim may be processed directly by the provider on your behalf
    Obtain treatment and a copy of the itemized bill to be submitted for payment by mailing directly to the Claims Administrator
    Pay the bill and obtain a copy of the itemized charges for personal reimbursement by mailing directly to the Claims Administrator.

Claims Administrator:
Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company
ATTN: College Claim Department
70 Genesee St.
Utica, NY 13502

Have questions? - We're here to help.
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