Student Government & Leadership

Association of Commuting Students

Represents the needs and viewpoints of the commuter student population and helps to make commuters feel that they are an integral part of the campus community.
President - Michael Lombardo,
Advisor - Nicholas Barbati,

Class Governments, Princeton

Governance for the student population based on class year at Westminster Choir College.

Class of 2011
President – Derrick Goff,
Advisor – TBA in fall

Class of 2012
President - TBA in fall
Advisor - TBA in fall

Class of 2013
President – Matthew Astone,
Advisor - TBA in fall

Class of 2014
President - TBA in fall
Advisor - TBA in fall

Emerging Leaders

Become recognized as a significant student leader among your peers.  This program offers all new students an opportunity to become involved in campus life and begin to develop the leadership skills needed to be successful in a professional career.  Network with fellow new students; connect with key student leaders, alumni, staff, and faculty and design and implement major student social events.
Lawrenceville Advisor - Nicholas Barbati,
Princeton/Westminster Choir College Advisor - Christopher Botti,

Graduate Student Association, Princeton based

Student governance for the graduate student population at Westminster Choir College.
President – TBA in Fall
Advisor – TBA in Fall

Graduate Business Student Association

An association established to enhance its members’ connectedness through a variety of professional, informational and social activities and events.

Programming Board, Princeton based

Provides entertainment to Riders University’s student body while serving social, multicultural, educational, and recreational needs.
President - Heather Jones,
Advisor - Jane Ferrick,, 609-921-7100 x8264

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Acts as a community government for each resident hall. RHA represents the rights and wellbeing of all resident students while providing programming that will benefit them.
Lawrenceville President - Rachel Guida,
Lawrenceville Advisor - Selma Moliga,
Princeton (WCC) President - Amanda Abdill,
Princeton (WCC) Advisor - TBD

Student Entertainment Council (SEC)

SEC is the main event programming student organization on the Lawrenceville campus. Students involved with the SEC will learn about performance management from booking an act to implementing technical components of a contractual rider.
President - Willie Emanuele,
Advisor - Nicholas Barbati

Student Finance Board

Governing body that oversees the Student Activities Fee on behalf of the Student Government Association.
Lawrenceville President – Justin Baldwin,
Lawrenceville Advisor - n/a
Princeton (WCC) Chair - Samantha Scully,
Princeton (WCC) Advisor - TBD

Student Government Association

Main student governance body of Rider University.
Lawrenceville President - Brian Williams,
Lawrenceville Advisor - Richard Kopp,
Princeton (WCC) President - Anthony Baron,, 609-921-7100 x8110
Princeton (WCC) Advisor - n/a