Special Interest Groups

Alternative Film Club

Increase awareness of alternative films as well as to enjoy and to appreciate the art form.
President - Vinny Abbatecola, abbatecolav@rider.edu
Advisor - Dr. Cynthia Lucia

Art Society at Rider

Composed of students interested in the visual arts and the visual arts in relation to other arts. The Society sponsors screenings of movies about artists; talks by members on artists of interest to them; trips to museums including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and an overnight trip to the art museums in Washington, DC; and open drawing sessions with live models in the Fine Arts studios. Society members also organize exhibitions of student work on campus and off, and have participated in “Art All Day,” an exhibition sponsored by Artworks in Trenton.
Advisor - Professor Deborah Rosenthal, drosenthal@rider.edu 

Brown Water Coffee House

An open-mic coffeehouse held on Wednesday nights in the Rider Pub. All snacks and beverages are free. Come by and sing what you hummed in the shower this morning or recite what you wrote on the way.
President - Chris Reed, reedc@rider.edu
Advisor - n/a

Chess Club

Teaches and informs students about the game of chess through tournament play.
President - Thomas Lee, leeth@rider.edu
Advisor - Don Brown

College Republicans

Foster and encourage the activities of the Republican Party and assist in the election of the Republican candidates to local, state, and national office.
President - Janine Jakubauskas, jakubauskaj@rider.edu
Advisor - Sean Piotrowski

Rider Dance Ensemble

A creative performance ensemble of current dance students and alumni that presents a series of performances each spring, including renowned dance professionals as guest artists.
President - TBD
Advisor - TBD

Rider University Bronc Band

Rider’s pep band for basketball game and other institutional events.
President - Steve Gorman, gormans@rider.edu
Advisor - TBD

Art Management Association

Rider’s arts administration club, fosters a sense of community for all students interested in the business side of the arts. Members work on arts management special projects, advocate for the arts and increase the visibility to the campus and greater community.
President - TBD in Fall

Rider University Veterans Association

Promotes camaraderie, professionalism and education among its members, specifically tailored to veterans of the armed forces.
- Andrew Kim, kimand@rider.edu
- Dr. James Castagnera, castagne@rider.edu, Dr. Gary Brosvic, brosvic@rider.edu, Dr. Shawn Kildea, skildea@rider.edu, and Russel Melville, rmelville@rider.edu

Rider Vibes

A student-run a cappella ensemble based on the Lawrenceville campus whose members arrange and perform popular songs in fresh and interesting ways.
President - TBD
Advisor - Jerry Rife, rife@rider.edu
Email - rider.vibes@gmail.com
Website - www.rider.edu/~vibes


Organization designed for students who do not live in the New Jersey/Southeastern Pennsylvania. Provides these students with a social network.
President - Sol Martinez, martinezm@rider.edu
Advisor - Ira Mayo

Sustainable Rider Environmental Club

This club promotes awareness about various environmental issues.
President - Kathleen DiMaiuta, dimaiuta@rider.edu
Advisor - Dr. Laura Hyatt

Technology Club

Promotes discussion about current issues in field of computers, gaming, and other related technology.
President - Josh Reynolds, reynoldsj@rider.edu
Advisor - Dr. Art Taylor