Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma Quick Facts
National Founding: November 26, 1913 at Hunter College, NY
Local Founding: April 24, 2004 as the Theta Eta Chapter
Motto: “Diokete Hupsula" or "Aim High"
Philanthropic Cause: National Kidney Foundation
National Organization:
Nickname: Phi Sig
Colors: King Blue and Gold
Flower: The American Beauty Rose
Symbol: The Sphinx and The Sapphire
Mascot: The Dolphin

Phi Sigma Sigma Chapter Statistics
Overall Chapter Score- 86.4%
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Spring 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 38
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 0
  • Chapter GPA- 3.275
  • New Members Inducted- 17
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 0
  • New Member GPA- 3.25
  • Total Building Damages- $0

Fall 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 41
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 0
  • Chapter GPA- 3.17
  • New Members Inducted- 14
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 2
  • New Member GPA- 2.93
  • Total Building Damages- $0

Phi Sigma Sigma Contact Information
Chapter President: Ashley Bartlett
Primary Advisor:  Beth Davis
Phi Sigma Sigma House Manager: 2013-2014 Erin Drexler, 2014-2015 Lori DeTuro
House Director: Amanda Eisele

Phi Sigma Sigma Standards and Expectations Highlights
Academic Achievement- 64.6%
Chapter Operations- 93.5%

  • Chapter decreased their payment plans in order to receive dues on time.

Risk Reduction- 95.5%
House Management
- 96.7%

Programming- 86.2%

  • Chapter instituted a new big/little mentor program to better match chapter members.
  • Chapter raised $300 for their philanthropy during their first rock-a-thon, $1750 for Relay for Life, and over $500 during their Mr. Phitastic
  • Chapter programs have focused on hazing prevention, stress management, and recruitment.
  • Awards Received: House Manager of the Year, Living the Ritual Award, Advisor of the Year, Outstanding New Member and Most Improved Chapter

Leadership Development- 84.8%

  • Chapter members attended their Leadership Conferences and Founders Day activities with other chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Chapter added a new executive board position with a Tribune and moved their philanthropy chair position to the executive board.
  • Chapter had no one on an academic step.

Chapter Violations

  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2012 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2011 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0