Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Quick Facts
National Founding: December 1, 1975 at Kean College, NJ
Local Founding: November 3, 1991 as the Iota Chapter
Philanthropic Cause: Saint Judes and March of Dimes
National Organization:
Nickname: The Quiet Storm
Colors: Burgundy and Grey
Symbol: Seashell, Moon and Pearls
Mascot: Lady on the Moon

2015 Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Chapter Statistics
Overall Chapter Score- 93.5%
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Academic Achievement- 73.9% (17/23)

  • Chapter implemented incentives for improved grades and studying
  • Recognizing a decline in academics for Fall, the chapter created a new academic program

Chapter Operations- 100% (34/34)

  • Chapter created a sisterhood spirit chair in order to increase morale
  • Chapter worked to develop a growth plan for continued recruitment success

Leadership Development- 96.9% (32/33)

  • Members facilitated programs with Aspire High
  • All members attended Area Wide meetings for leadership development
  • Members attended national convention and regional trainings and workshops

Programming- 100% (35/35)

  • Chapter planned many programs around current events in the news and world
  • Chapter hosted their first Mr. Grey pageant centered around chapter values
  • Chapter worked with non-profit Aspire High to bring youth to campus for activities

Risk Reduction- 100% (22/22)

  • Chapter hosted a sexual assault prevention program with campus administrators
  • Chapter hosted a follow up hazing prevention program after an all Greek program for more conversation

House Management- 100% (13/13)

  • Members continued working to make the shared space in University House more of a home

Presentation- 80% (20/25)

2015 Chapter Academics

  • Spring 2015 Chapter GPA: 3.22
  • Fall 2015 Chapter GPA: 3.168
  • Spring 2015 New Member GPA: 3.33
  • Fall 2015 New Member GPA: 2.917

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Contact Information
Chapter President: Aleyja Aguirre
Primary Advisor: Angelica Benitez
House Manager: William Harmonay

Chapter Violations

  • 2015 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2014 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
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