Alpha Xi Delta

Alpha Xi Delta Quick Facts
National Founding: April 17, 1893 at Lombard College, IL
Local Founding: March 4, 1967 as the Epsilon Lambda Chapter
Motto: “Inspiring Women to Realize Their Potential”
Philanthropic Cause: Autism Speaks
National Organization:
Nickname: Alpha Xi or A Xi D
Colors: Double Blue and Gold
Flower: The Pink Rose
Symbol: The Quill
Mascot: BetXi Bear

Alpha Xi Delta Chapter Statistics
Overall Chapter Score- 83.9%
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Spring 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 61
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 0
  • Chapter GPA-3.324
  • New Members Inducted- 18
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 0
  • New Member GPA-3.121
  • Total Building Damages- $0

Fall 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 56
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 2
  • Chapter GPA-3.38
  • New Members Inducted- 9
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 0
  • New Member GPA-3.34
  • Total Building Damages- $0

Alpha Xi Delta Contact Information
Chapter President: Ali Knepple

Primary Advisor: Jackie Minot

Alpha Xi Delta House Manager: 2013-2014 Emma Osborn, 2014-2015 Cassidy Braun

House Director: Tara Fuller

Alpha Xi Delta Standards and Expectations Highlights
Academic Achievement- 83.3%
Chapter Operations- 83.9%

  • New Members fees are $180. Total chapter dues for each semester are $785.00.

Risk Reduction- 81.2%

  • Chapter had no violations at a level 1 or 2 but was cited for one code of conduct violation.

House Management- 84.4%
Programming- 79.3%

  • Chapter held a unique program in which they recognized the positive characteristics of sisters while participating in a paint a sister bonding program.
  • Chapter observes Autism awareness month in April by holding different philanthropy events.  They travel with other Alpha Xi Delta chapters to the Today Show to raise awareness about Autism Speaks.
  • All chapter members participate in Red Watch Band Training.

Leadership Development- 89.4%

  • Chapter holds consistent sisterhood retreats.
  • Chapter has BRIDGES program that provides information for graduating seniors about career planning.
  • Chapter has over 40 appointed positions, providing all members an opportunity to develop and hone leadership skills.
  • 100% of members are involved in outside organizations and multiple hold leadership positions in those groups.
  • Awards Received include: Greek Wellness Award, Legacy Award,  Living the Ritual and Greek Woman of the Year

Chapter Violations

  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 1
    *Sanctions based on March 26, 2013 Alcohol violation

       - Monetary Fine- completion pending

       - Required Alcohol Education program- completion pending
  • 2012 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2011 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0